Licensing FAQs

Can I evaluate MailtoX Desktop before purchasing it?

You can evaluate MailtoX Desktop for an unlimited number of days. The evaluation is limited to processing 20 email messages per folder. Other than this, the evaluation is fully functional.

What are Permanent licenses?

Permanent licenses never expire, you can use the software without any time limitation. A permanent license includes one year of free product updates since the purchase date, including major version updates. After that period you must renew your license to receive further updates.

What are Temporal licenses?

Temporal licenses expire after the purchased period has elapsed. The software will revert to trial.

Is there a limit on the number of mailboxes that MailtoX Desktop can process?

There is no limit on the number of mailboxes that MailtoX can process. You can use an unlimited number of email sources and export an unlimited number of emails.

Does the license expire?

MailtoX Desktop permanent licenses never expire, you can use the software for an unlimited amount of time. Only the free updates period expire after one year. To receive further updates you can renew your license.

When will I receive my activation key?

The activation key will be automatically sent to you by our merchant Fastspring as soon as they process the order.

How do I activate MailtoX Desktop?

You can learn how to activate MailtoX Desktop at the following

MailtoX FAQs

Do I need to have Outlook installed to view MSG files?

No, you don’t need to have Outlook installed to read the messages, as MailExplorer decodes MSG files natively.

Can MailtoX decode PST files natively?

No, you need to have MS Outlook installed on your machine to extract the messages as MailtoX uses MAPI to extract the email messages from the PST file.

What disadvantages exist when you backup your messages as PST or MBOX files?

A PST or MBOX file has several disadvantages:

  •          They’re fragile, especially as they get big. They get corrupted too easily. 
  •          It’s hard to back them up or compact them. 
  •          You can’t synchronize them to online services as they are too big.

The better format for backing up your email messages is MIME (*.eml). 

PDF is also a good format for long term storage as MailtoX allows you to embed the email metadata inside the PDF files created, its attachments and linked images.