MailtoX is a powerful email management software. The editor allows
you to visually create an extract job that can be saved to disk and be executed at pre-defined start times.

The Main Screen

Each element that can be added to build an extract job is called an action.
Each action represents either an email source, a modifier action or a target action.

Following are the interface elements:

  1. Controls for creating a new extract job
  2. Controls for adding, modifying and deleting actions
  3. Controls for executing the extraction job.
  4. New actions that can be added to the selected action in the editor.
  5. The extract editor.
  6. The properties for each action
  7. Displays the online help with links to several support resources.

The Quick Extract Wizard

Use the quick extract wizard to create a simple extract job, one with an email source and a target.

  1. Sources list
  2. Targets list

After you select a source action and a target action press on OK to create an extraction job.