Extract Job

MailtoX works by creating an extract
job with the extract editor. The extract job can be saved to disk and manually executed or executed at pre-defined intervals.

An extract job must minimally have a source action and a target action

It is also possible to build advanced extract jobs with several sources and with conditional branches:

The actions are executed from top to bottom and from left to right.

Extract Actions

The extract job is composed of
extract actions. Each action represents a step in the extract process. Following are the action types:

Source actions represent email sources, like Outlook, Gmail, etc.

Modifier actions modify the email passing through them. Some modifier actions are email filters, images downloader, and others.

Target actions represent the final format or final destination of the emails.

Auxiliary actions are actions that are independent of the email and can be executed before or after the source actions. Some auxiliary actions are file and folder operations, zip compression and others.