We will use the QuickExtract Wizard to create an extract job that exports Gmail messages to PDF files.

1. Open the Quick Extract Wizard

2. Select Gmail from the email sources list (1) 

When you select Gmail a dialog will open that will allow you to select the folders or labels that should be processed:

You can also set filters like mail filters or range filters:

3. Select PDF from the targets list (2)

You can use a variety of options for converting email to PDF. You have options for

  • the file naming and folder structure
  • whether to include the attachments inside the PDF file or to save them to a folder
  • encryption, and others

Press OK to accept the options and to close the dialog.

4. Executing the extract job

Press on OK (3) to close the Quick Extract Wizard. The extract job is ready to run, you can execute it as many times as needed, save it to disk or schedule it to be executed at pre-defined days and times.

Press on
Execute Job (1) to manually start the job.

To set up the scheduler to execute the job at pre-defined times, double-click on the
Job Action to open its properties dialog:

In this dialog, you can set up different days and times for the job to automatically be executed.