MailtoX Desktop can batch print email messages from any supported email source.

Select an email source and select
Printer from the Email Targets list at the right:

At the dialog that opens select your printer and the page properties:

You have the following options:

  • Print Email headers – select this option to print at the top of each email a header that has brief information like the sender, date, and subject.
  • Include downloaded images in target – MsgExtract will insert the images downloaded with the Images Downloader action in the resulting format
  • Print Attachments – The attachments contained in the email messages will be printed. Zipped attachments will be decompressed and printed as well.

Start to batch print your email messages.

Downloading and inserting linked images

To download the images that are linked in the HTML part of the messages, use the
ExtractEditor program and insert an Images Downloader action between the source and the target:

You can learn more about downloading the linked images at:

How do I download and insert the html linked images in the resulting format?