For extracting bounced email data you need to use the
ExtractEditor application:

1. Using the ExtractEditor select a “Batch Extract Job” from the Action list at the left:

2. Select an email source from the Actions list. We are going to select Gmail:

3. Select a Bounced Mail Filter from the Actions list:

4. At the Bounced Mail Filter dialog select the Bounce type:

5. Select a “Filter Condition: True” from the Actions list. The True condition processes only emails that meet the selected Bounce type condition. You can also select a False Filter Condition if you want to process email messages that are not of the bounce type.

6. Now select an”Export Parts” action from the actions list:

7. Select the fields that you want to export (1) and the destination file(2). To get the email bounce information select the following fields:

  • Bounce Type – hard or soft bounce
  • Bounce Description – a short description of the bounce reason
  • Bounce Recipient – the final recipient of the email message

8. Press on “Execute Job” to export the messages to Excel.