Zoho CRM

MsgExtract can export email messages to ZOHO CRM as cases. Because of this you need the Zoho Professional Edition or higher.

API Token

You can find need the API key by going to "My Account" and then to "Active Authtokens"

You need the token listed for the crmapi scope and the CRM service

Custom Fields

Before exporting your email you need to define the following custom fields in the Cases Module of Zoho CRM:

  • EmailDate - Date
  • EmailId - Text
  • EmailSourceId - Text

  1. The EmailDate field allows you to order the cases by date.
  2. The EmailId is a unique number that prevents duplicated messages.
  3. The EmailSourceId  is used when exporting tickets from a HelpDesk. You can create a link to the source of the ticket. For instance when you export tickets from HelpScout the URL would be: https://secure.helpscout.net/conversation/${Cases.EmailSourceId}

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