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MailtoX is a powerful email exporting software that will help you to save  and extract your email messages to different formats and targets. You will be able to migrate your emails to a new email client, store them to disk as EML or PDF files or transfer them to online services like Amazon S3.

With its email parser and data export capabilities you will be able to extract email information from the body of the email messages, and any email field, like headers, subject, sender, etc. and export that information to Excel, CSV, and other formats.


Migrate your email to a new email server

Single Files

Save your email to disk as individual files.

Email Compilation

You can save selected email messages or whole folders as a compilation of email messages.

Extract Data

Export to a CRM

Export your emails to several CRM software so that you have a complete view of your interactions with your clients.

Batch Printing

Batch print your emails including its attachments.


Backup your email to the cloud

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