Target Actions

Target Actions represent the desired format or target the you wish to store your email messages. The following targets are supported:

Local Targets

  • Single Files - Messages are stored to disk as single individual files, one for each message.
  • Compilation - You can combine several messages and save them to a single PDF file or to the Windows Help format (chm).
  • Printer - Batch print your email messages
  • Download Manager
  • Source Folders Structure
  • Email Forwarder - You can forward every source email message to an email address.
  • Mbox Format - Export your email messages to a file in  the mbox format.
  • Local Storage - The Local Storage action stores the messages to disk as single files in the mime format, to a folder named as the sender reversed email address:,

Extract Data

  • Email Parts - Export parts of the email (email metadata) to several formats like: Excel, CSV, XML, etc.
  • Email Parser -


  • Amazon S3 - Messages are copied to Amazon S3 to the bucket of your choice.
  • CRM - Copy your emails to your CRM software


Filters and Modifiers

  • Mail Filter - Filter your email messages based on words that should be present in the From, To, Subject and Body fields. You can also filter your messages based on the submit date of the message.
  • Blacklist Filters - Blacklists filters allows you to check whether a message is listed as spam in the following services: SpamCop, DSBL, SpamHaus.
  • Bounced Email Filter
  • Attachments Filter
  • Folder - Group several target actions under a folder.
  • Images Downloader - Use the Images Downloader action to download the images that are linked in the html part of the message and embed them in the target format.
  • Address Table - Use it for migrating email from old addresses / domains to a new address or domain. Matched email addresses will be changed with the newly defined email addresses.

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