Single Files Advanced

Folder Structure Tab

Use these options for altering the path to the folder where the emails will be saved. These options use the target path defined in the previous dialog as the root folder.

Sub Folders Structure

  • Don't create Sub Folders - All messages will be stored in the same folder.
  • Variable1 - When checked a sub folder named as the value of Variable1 will be created.
  • Computer Name - When checked a sub folder named as the computer name will be created.
  • User Name - When checked a sub folder named as the system user name will be created.
  • YYYY-MM - A folder will be created using the current year and current month.

    • Like email source folder structure - The messages will have the same folder structure as the email source folders.
    • Sender Domain - Messages will be stored in folders named as the Sender Address Domain.
    • Sender Address - Sub folders will be created with the Sender Address
    • Sender Domain\Address -  Messages will be stored in folders named as Sender Domain\Address
    • Don't create - No folder will be created from this options group


Use these variable for passing a text value when composing either the filename or the path.

Filename Format Tab

You have the choice to use predefined filename formats or to specify your own filename format using the “User Defined” option.

The UniqueId refers to a 27 characters long identifier that guaranty that the messages will be unique. You should include the UniqueId when using the UserDefined option to avoid having emails with the same name. If you don't use it, try to include the Delivery Date and Time fields.

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