Program Preferences

Program Options Tab

General Options

  • Theme - You can change the look of the application.
  • Display tutorials and online help - This option controls the display of the online help in the editor
  • Generate a detailed log -

Email Viewer

  • [Email Viewer] Double click opens default email client - By default double clicking on an email opens it in a new window. Select this option to open it in your default email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, ..).

Cache Tab

Local storage

Used to optionally store a copy of every processed message. By default only messages that need to be downloaded are stored in the storage.

  • Data folder location - The storage, email index and images cache are located by default in My documents folder. You can change this location to any folder of your choice
  • Compress each saved file using the ZIP format - By setting this option every email message that needs to be stored in the storage will be compressed and optionally encrypted.

Linked Images Cache

The Images cache is used to store the images that are linked in the HTML part of the messages when you select to download them using the Images Downloader action or manually from the MailExplorer program.

  • Empty cache at process end - You have the choice to empty the cache and delete the images after the extraction job is done.

Firewall Tab

Here you can change the proxy settings and your firewall settings if needed


Used when sending and forwarding email.

  • Account Information: The name and email address used when sending emails
  • Server Settings: Enter the SMTP email server settings

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