Migration Targets

You can migrate your email messages to the following targets:

Target Folder

Once you login and load the target folders by pressing on the Load Folders button, select the target folder.

Sub Folders Structure

  • Don't create Sub Folders - All messages will be stored in the target folder.
  • Like Email Source Folders - The messages will have the same folder structure as the email source folders.

Options Tab

  • Overwrite messages  - If the message exist on the email target, it will be overwritten.
  • Include downloaded images in target - When you select this option the images that are linked in the html part of the message and that have been downloaded, will be inserted as inline images in the resulting format.  
  • Delete messages from the email source after saving - Set this option in the target to be able to delete the emails once they are saved. See Deleting Email Messages.


You can authenticate to Gmail with OAUTH2 or use a name and a password. Press on load folders and select the target folder.

MS Outlook / Exchange

Use the corresponding profile and the press on load folders.


Enter the server, port, your user name and password and select an authorization type.


For exporting to Thunderbird, you need to select a target folder that is a child of the Thunderbird’s Local Folders. Once the export process is finished, restart Thunderbird, so that it can reindex the newly created folders and emails.

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