Field Dialog


The field definition


The original email part will be displayed here


The parsing method:

  • None - The email part will not be parsed. The field value will be the original email part data.
  • Using Rules - The parser will use the rules that you define to process the email part.
  • Using a Script - The parser will use a script in Basic or Pascal.


Here you find the rules that will be used or the script.


The parsing output

Field Definition

Fields are used to store any data that you want to export. They can be of the following types:

  • vtBoolean
  • vtDateTime
  • vtDouble
  • vtInteger
  • vtString
  • vtMemo

Fields are based on

  • An email part, like the HTML Part, Subject, etc.. In this case the initial value of the field will be the email part value. This is used when using rules to parse the field
  • No email part – In this case, the field acts as a variable, you will have to assign a value. This type of field is used when using a script.  

The Field Size is only used for the vtString type. If left at zero it will generate a 255 characters string

Using Rules

Press on Add to create a new rule

Rules are executed from top to bottom; they take their value from the preceding rule.

Rules can be of the following types:

  • Find Start – It will find the first occurrence of a string
  • Find End – It will find the last occurrence of the string
  • Find Between – It will find the text  between a starting string and an ending one
  • Replace – It will replace one string with another
  • Regular Expression – You can use a regular expression to find a text


  • Ignore Case – It will find the searched string regardless of the case
  • Exclude search strings from result – When this option is selected the searched string will be removed from the result
  • Trim leading and trailing spaces – Blank spaces at the beginning or the end will be removed.
  • One line – Used with the Find Start or Find End rule to return the line where the string is found as opposed to returning multiple lines.

Using a Script

You can use a script in Basic or Pascal to obtain the value of the field. The script can use all email parts and is quite helpful for complex situations.

Press on the Script Editor button to create and edit the script.

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