You can save selected email messages or whole folders as a compilation of email messages.

Compilation Tab

Target format

  • Adobe PDF – You can save emails stored in one or more folders into a single PDF file.
  • Windows Help CHM -  Select this format to save the emails into a Windows help file (*.chm). You need to install the Windows help compiler - Microsoft HTML Help Workshop  - to be able to generate CHM files.

Target File

  • One file for all folders - Only one file will be created for every source folder.
  • One file per mail folder named as the mail folder - One file will be created for every source folder. You need to specify the folder where the files will be created.

Page Setup

For targets formats like PDF or RTF, you can define the paper size, margins, and page orientation.


  • Put email headers - When you select this option, short headers containing email information like Sender, Date, Subject, Recipient will be inserted at the top of the target format.
  • Put full email headers - You can insert the full email headers using this option.
  • Include downloaded images in target - When you select this option the images that are linked in the HTML part of the message will be inserted as inline images in the resulting format. You need to download the images first.
  • Embed image attachments in body – You can embed the attachments that are images in the body of the generated document.

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